NEW FICTION : The Wedding Crashers;


[ 31/12/2016 – New Fiction: The Wedding Crashers; ]

Lol, okay so this is me just wondering why i be posting this here when those who read (whoever yáll are <3) don’t even have the app and those who actually have the app and read the book can’t access this site. but… anyways! helloooo. long time no whatever. i have completed (after ages!) another story called ‘The Wedding Crashers’. it will be available on the app on 01/01/2017! the new years!! so be sure to check it out, download and read and comment and all of that. thank u and God bless. start ur year with a nice book, ’cause, i mean, why the hell not 😉 thank you all for the CRAZY downloads and comment on Head Over Heels and Once Upon a Trip and i hope The Wedding Crashers will be treated the same. thank you 🙂

B L U R B :

  1. Tracey Ewuse – the leader, the oldest and definitely the smartest, the mastermind and the ‘persuasive’.
  2. Imaobong (Ima) Etim – the beautiful one, the sweet talker, the ‘seducer’—‘you can see, you will give, but you definitely won’t touch’.
  3. Layla Aleman – the story teller, the youngest, the independent—‘I don’t need a man.’

In the big city of Abuja, where everyone is doing everything to survive and live life according to the standards of this big state, three ambitious best friends find themselves stuck in a weird shaped web of love, confusion and lies.

One they – most likely unfortunately, wove for themselves.

Layla, Ima and Tracey are three best friends who go way back to the teenage years. Living together in the big city of Abuja, this three are girls who are doing everything every young adult wants to do – make money.

Because of their horrible, less mind-blowing experience with men, they make up a three people agency: ‘the wedding crashers’. All they do is ‘date’ a man for two-three weeks, get what they want from him and get away with it. It was like murder, except without actual killing. It wasn’t done out of hate – well, some of it – it wasn’t meant to hurt anyone; it was just something that was done for fun. I mean, they weren’t gold-diggers!

… Hopefully.

The plan and rule to be a wedding crasher was simple; get the man, get the money or whatever it was you wanted, dump the man. No strings attached, and no hearts and flowers involved. It’d worked for years, always getting their heart desires, getting the satisfaction and never regretting a thing.

Well, until they met their matches.

~ edu 🙂



[ 12/8/2016 – hopeless; ]

You’re smiling; the lazy, glowing kind you know i liked.

and the you’re laughing. at my jokes, at something i’m saying to you.

i smile back at you.

but you don’t know its because i’m more focused on you.

than at the funny punches in my jokes.

i’m focused on your laugh.

and the contours of your face.

at the light flecks. of the browns in your eyes.

at the dimples on your cheeks.

but you liked those other girls.

you liked the way they shook their bodies on you.

i wanted to twist mine for you.

you liked their sultry laughs and the way they touched your arm.

i ached to touch your arm.

you liked the clothes they wore and the way their bodies swayed when they walked by you.

i wanted to be all that for you. wanted to wear makeup, put on perfume… look good for you.

because i loved you pathetically.

because i was hopelessly in love with you. and your aching laughs and torturing smiles.

because i wanted you, i lost myself.

and i was willing to leave myself behind.

for you.

i was willing to be like those girls you liked.

i was willing to be a vixen.

just for you.

~ edu 🙂





Letters From Dipper [2];

[ 12/1/2015 – Letters From Dipper; ]

Dear […],

They say that the average teenage mind shouldn’t be able–allowed to process things as strong as deep intimate feelings. Maybe cause its bad, maybe cause the heart’s too fragile to handle the hurt and pain that comes afterwards.

I don’t know if i love you, I like to believe i don’t – but each day passes and i feel like i’m only fooling myself. I start to have doubts – doubts in my thoughts and doubts in my feelings.

I’m so tired of the cluttered thoughts of you. It’s almost like i’m breathing you every day and night… your name on my lips and the outlines of your face engraved into my brain. It’s like you’re a worm, weaving your way so skillfully through my body and rapidly into my heart — the marks of your trail seeping deep into my veins.

I feel you on such intense levels – it’s almost bad for my health. Like a pill i hate yet find myself so seductively drawn to.

I pray you’re the one. I pray you’re on the right path. I pray for a bright future for you. Because I want it to be you. I want my whole life to be you so badly, its unhealthy for me.

You’re ingrained in me, and I’m letting myself fall. I’m letting myself block out the pain, the hurt and I’m falling so hard…

… But I don’t know if you’ll be there to catch me.


~ edu :p

Letters From Dipper [1];

[ 9/12/2015 — Letters From Dipper; ]

Dear […],

I often ponder over thoughts of you. Like why was it so easy to fall for you, why did I let myself fall so hard, or why can’t I let go. Maybe because it was supposed to be this easy – this easy to forget you. Like you were never even there. Like a flash of lightning – comes fast with a bang and is gone just as quick. Maybe because you weren’t enough… maybe the new guy’s… better. He smiles too, he cracks jokes too. He’s different from you… and he’s making me… happy. I don’t know if he’s doing a better job than you, I try not to let myself think about it.

During that time you were just there, like an annoying stain on a white t-shirt. You were like the lines to every new favourite song – those ones you hate at first then love immensely after hearing it a couple of times till you just can’t stop singing it. but those songs fade away easily once a new one comes by… but you find out that whenever it comes on, you can’t just help but sing along to it.

I don’t want the new guy to be the way you were. Maybe you weren’t enough… maybe you didn’t know you had to be more than what you already were… maybe I didn’t know I wanted you to be… more. I should’ve tried harder, maybe it was partially my fault.

I still don’t know what happened – i’ve been trying to figure it out but one thing i know is all those years are hard to forget… and I know that they shouldn’t be this way, we may have not known it but maybe at that time, just right then, what we were… what we made of them both us…

… Might have been enough.


~ edu 🙂

NEW FICTION : Head Over Heels;


[ 10/10/2015 — New Fiction: Head Over Heels; ]

hullo guys! so, after months of Once Upon a Trip (sincerely grateful for all the downloads! :D), i’ve completed another story…! its called head over heels. and like Once Upon a Trip, will be made available on the app on; Wednesday, 14th of October 2015 🙂 be sure to watch out and download and tell me what you think! thanks xx

B L U R B :

When my newly acquired boss: the famous business tycoon hotshot bachelor Gregory Brown had asked me to marry him, I’d done the most rational thing any sane woman in my shoes would’ve done, I’d laughed in his face. Really hard.

But oh, if only he’d been joking, or if that silly prank show on MTV had been hiding somewhere in the bushes ready to pull one on me… but he’d been dead on serious when he’d proposed to me. Well… almost.

What he’d actually ‘proposed’ was the sneaky secret plan of acting as his fake wife for a few months for the huge sum of roughly over a million naira for the time span I stayed with him.

All I’d had to do was be a nagging, disgraceful, troublesome wife and I was good to go.

It’d also come with a huge price too—a hefty sum of one hundred thousand each month I stayed with him and the chance of getting a permanent, convenient spot at his company.

It was simple really; be an irritating wife, fool the crap out of his parents, help him get his money and inheritances and don’t fall in love with him. That was the plan. The ‘simple, easygoing’ plan.

Well, it would’ve have been as he’d said. It would’ve, if the reason I had applied into this company wasn’t because I was irrevocably completely in love with him.

Well… almost.

~ edu 🙂

Once Upon a Trip [ebook :)];

once upon a trip

[ 5/9/2015 — Once Upon a Trip ebook; ]

hey guys! 🙂 happy new month to all the invisible baes who view this page! whatsup? anyway, since i’ve been all AWOL lately, i thought i might post up what i’ve been working on. anyway, i wrote a story — one that isn’t western and actually African and portrays my actual root! 🙂 its a fun, teenage sort of romance comedy that i hope you all enjoy 🙂

B L U R B :

Once Upon a Time, in the not-so-faraway land of the outskirts of Gwarinpa-Abuja, four Nigerian Schools got the lucky chance to take an excursion trip for four weeks – to the beautiful exotic grounds of the famous Gurawsha Hills. A place, where they say you can see everything. It had everything—ranging from their large amusement park, to the mini-zoo, the hotels, the camp cabins, the tourist sites and so many more. Built in the late 1990s, Gurawsha Hills is famous for being one of the top visited places in Nigeria for people all around—both in and out of Nigeria. As a sponsored promotion for their company, four schools were picked to experience the beauty and exquisite pleasure of the park. Regina Pacis Girls’ School Abuja, St. Amina Wallis School Nassarawa, St. Patrick’s Boys School Kano and Mary Slessor International School Abuja.

It just so happened that in this odd fairytale, two peculiar people; both stubborn, hot-headed and competitive, ended up being on this trip. Elenda Adewole and Hakeem Al-Hassan. If they could, they would’ve burned down the walls.

Hating each other at first sight, these two ended up falling into a strong hate feud throughout the trip. They never agreed, never ever had a decent conversation that didn’t lead to one insulting the other, never got along. They were fire and ice, water and oil, sugar and salt.

But like my dear old friend Sir Arthur Conan Doyle always said; “hot hate, twin brother to hot love.” And if they was anything clichéd romance loved, it was playing cupid. And hitting two oblivious teenagers right in the butt when they least expected it was just the exact way to start this fairytale.

But oh no, this was no fairytale, this was no happily-ever-after, this was the story of Elenda and Hakeem. Their typical hate story.

Available for free on the app for download to residents in Nigeria (i think? lol) only 🙂 

~ edu x

Of Curves and Other Misconceptions;

OCAOM [ 20/7/2015 — Of Curves and Other Misconceptions; ]

and yes, ladies (and quite a few gentlemen), i give you ‘OCAOM’; a story, cause i’m really really creative and sheepish like that, i coughed up instead on focusing on finishing a 50k word book before the end of this month *wails about how i’m so going to loose nano* anyway, the book tells a story of a focused curvy CEO (one i feel is kind of rare and different because CEO’s in books are often men, and women are often skinny to perfection), it tells a story of a CEO and how she deal with managing her company and life until, well, said company goes bankrupt. she’s left with no choice but to turn to another powerful mogul, one who could give her enough money to get back her company and the world. except, it comes with a very, very, interesting price….

Proper Synopsis : Curvy powerful CEO: Maya Banks is at a critical stage. When her company (the one and only thing she’d worked for and in her entire life) goes bankrupt, she’s left hopeless and quite possibly jobless. Her only answer (cause her dad definitely won’t help her) is James Williams, who has more money than the world. Except, he’s more interested in her than saving her company.

Genre : chick-lit [excited cause i’ve never written chick-lit like wah?] / general fiction. 

and there we have it 🙂 i’m actually quite pumped. good luck to everyone doing nano all around the world! and also happy (late) Ramadan to muslims all around the world! stay blessed and lovely xx

~ edu 🙂

P.S this story and everything in it (even though, all i’ve posted here is just the summary), is copyrighted. please do not copy. i will find u… don’t think i can’t. *eagle’s eyes*

okay.. now edu out 🙂